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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Framing Your Photo

Here is a little tutorial I wrote for my friends at

One way to add interest to your photos is to frame them before you take them!
So obviously I am not talking about a wooden frame with glass,
I am talking about using the environment to create a frame for your subject.

Below is an example - this photo was taken by Kerry who is one of our participants.
She framed the people & landscape using the tree branch, trunk and shadow.
Nice job Kerry!

Here is a sample of a photo I took of a cannon, framed by a cannon, taken with my Canon!

And here is a photo taken by my brother in law, John Hardy, in Linderhof.

And finally, think a little outside the box too...

On your next photo excursion,
look around for some environmental frames you can include to enhance your image.