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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Night in Valley Forge

I recently took a photography class with Ken Hubbard
and one of the aspects covered in the class was 
photographing at night with slow shutter speeds 
while using a light to paint a subject.

ISO 400, F 5.6,  30 sec, shot in RAW on tripod.

In this photo, I placed a flashlight inside the cabin for the entire exposure.
My friend used another flashlight to 'paint' the cabin 
to add some light to it.

 To paint, take your flashlight and 
shine it over the subject evenly, 
in this case, the cabin.
Back and forth, or up and down, 
so you get even light on the subject.
We experimented a bit with both 
exposure times and 'paint times.'
In this case, the person painting, 
walked into the photo to paint, 
but because he kept moving 
you can't see him in the photo.
Here is a video that might help.

In post processing, 
I changed the white balance to Shade
because it added that awesome warm sky.
(Which I like, but also recognize you may not.
And that's OK.) 
I also ran it through a Noiseware Plug-in 
to get rid of that nasty digital noise.

Now that I have some basics down, 
I can't wait to try this again!
Who's with me?