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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Steuben Bowling, Bath, New York

Bath, New York is located in Steuben County.
Loved this Brick Art there.

The above photo is 'fixed' in PSE 9 using Correct Camera Distorion
and the Spot Healing Brush/Content Aware.

The next photo is 'pre-fix.'

Wow, look at that lens distortion!  The previous photos is the 'fixed' version.

Wow!  Look at that lens distortion! 
Lens distortion is a real easy fix in elements. 
Go to Filter> Correct Camera Distortion.
It is pretty easy to figure out.

And the new Content Aware feature worked really well on this photo.
Not so well on the next photo I edited. 
Oh well, that's what the clone tool is for!